VON SCHWIND, Moritz 1804-1871

Ein Schubertabend bei Joseph von Spaun
Ergebnis: € 158.000

SCHUBERT, Franz, 1797-1828

Vier Canzonen für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung
Ergebnis: € 94.500

KAUFFMANN, Angelica 1741-1807

Telemach und Mentor auf der Insel der Kalypso vor 1784
Ergebnis: € 585.600

HUNDERTWASSER, Friedrich 1928-2000

Das Match des Jahrhunderts 1952
Ergebnis: € 317.600

KOKOSCHKA, Oskar 1886-1980

Amokläufer 1908/1909
Ergebnis: € 768.600

MULLEY, Oskar 1891-1949

Ergebnis: € 81.770

WACKER, Rudolf

Herbststrauß mit Zitronenfalter 1937
Ergebnis: € 244.000

WALDE, Alfons 1891-1958

Büchlach mit Wildem Kaiser
Ergebnis: € 484.400


Neue Sachlichkeit in Europa
1918 –1938

Baer Balthus Barraud Bäumer Beckmann Boeckl
Carra Casorati
Davringhausen Derain De Chirico Dix
Grossberg Grosz Guttuso Gütersloh
Hauser Heartfield Hofer Hubbuch
Kanoldt Kirnig Koch
Léger Lehnert de Lempicka Lerch
Mense Morandi Motesiczky
Oelze Oppenheimer
Pauser Picasso Ploberger Pregartbauer
Radziwill Räderscheidt Reyl-Hanisch
Schad Schatz Scharl Schlichter Scholz Schrimpf
Sedlacek Severino Stöcklin
Wacker Walde

Alfons Walde

2018 is a year in memory of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Kolo Moser, three of Austria's greatest painters. Perhaps also Alfons Walde, who died 60 years ago in Kitzbühel. Walde came to Vienna to study architecture as early as 1910, and in 1913 he exhibited his paintings at the Secession. He was her young contemporary, not her student. In the then Viennese art scene between Art Nouveau and the beginning of Expressionism he found the encounters that were important to him: Gustav Klimt shaped it with the language of floral colours. Walde saw the friendship with Egon Schiele as a path to an expressive and graphically accentuated painting style. And finally, Koloman Moser's landscapes shaped Walde's natural compositions with the light-filled landscape contours. With these experiences he was able to develop his own style in subject, painting style and colour in Kitzbühel. For the big city did not offer him the milieu for his art!

His work was influenced by winter and sports motifs, which became acceptable in Austrian paintings thanks to him. In 1912/14 he painted the "Gasslrennen" in small-format, often spontaneously sketched descriptions of everyday life, then athletes skiing, women on a skiing meadow, social gatherings during après-ski, but also intimate, natural subjects. The landscape between the Hahnenkamm, the Wilder Kaiser and the Jochberg mountains became an artistically stimulating refuge for Alfons Walde.

Soft snow in contrast to rocky, rugged mountain scenery become the trademark of his natural images. He knew how to combine people, architecture and nature into harmonious unity. In contrast, in an almost monochrome view, he modelled the "Stadt im Tauschnee", for which Schiele's townscapes were the inspiration, like a portrait of his hometown. However, in “Bauernsonntag” and “Begegnung” he shows people being active in their cheerful manner.
His main motifs include idyllic mood pictures, flower arrangements and subjects from religious, every-day and sporting life, which have spread worldwide. In addition, one also feels above all his preference for the female nude in the subtle expressivity and fine coloration. Intimacy and sensuality float above motifs such as "Erotik". In the 1930s his palette of colours became more pastose, themes such as "Bergweiler" or "Alpensommer" dominate, but motifs such as "Almen im Schnee" or "Aufstieg der Skifahrer" continue to be in high demand.
As an architect, he shaped his hometown Kitzbühel: in 1926/27 the bottom and top station of the Hahnenkamm cable car were established together with the hotel, which was later built. He then built a mountain cabin in 1929, which then also became the "studio" for his nudes in the midst of nature and away from the public. Villas and commercial buildings followed. Nevertheless, his main themes show "Tyrol" in all its facets: The unspoilt nature in the large "Winterlandschaft" as a monumental idyll or the "Tiroler Bergdorf", often also called the "Auracher Kirchl", became striking symbols of Alpine Tyrol.

Univ.Prof. Dr. Gert Ammann

Wien und Venedig

ALT, Rudolf von 1812-1905 - Der Stephansdom

ALT, Rudolf von 1812-1905

Ausstellung : Rudolf von Alt Wien im Aquarell 1991
Der Stephansdom

Öl auf Leinwand | 59,5 x 50 cm | signiert, datiert
Auktion: 4. Dezember 1991
Ergebnis: € 268.599
ALT, Rudolf von 1812-1905 - Venedig Canale Grande – Ufer 1871

ALT, Rudolf von 1812-1905

Venedig Canale Grande – Ufer 1871
Aquarell auf Papier | 38 x 54 cm | signiert, bezeichnet, datiert Mitte unten:
Venedig 2. August 1871 R. Alt
Auktion: 24. Oktober 2011
Ergebnis: € 146.000

New Objectivity – “Neue Sachlichkeit” 1918 - 1938

The social extremes produced great tensions in the Weimar Republic, in a progressive way in science and the economy, yet also backwardly so in the society’s hierarchy, which in turn led to even greater misfortune. These realities and misgivings are documented in the art of the “Neue Sachlichkeit” (New Objectivity).

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WALDE, Alfons 1891-1958
Tiroler Bergdorf / Aurach bei Kitzbühel 1932

WALDE, Alfons 1891-1958
Tiroler Bergdorf / Aurach bei Kitzbühel 1932
signiert, links unten: A.Walde
Rückseitig Original–Atelieretikett:
Kitzbühel, Tirol, Austria
Ergebnis: € 545.500 / 11.06.2018

WACKER, RUDOLF  1893-1939 | Der Maler, Selbstbildnis 1924

WACKER, RUDOLF 1893-1939
Der Maler, Selbstbildnis 1924
Signiert, datiert links unten: R. WACKER 24
Rückseitig vom Künstler bezeichnet:
RUDOLF WACKER Bregenz 1924,
„Der Maler“ (Selbstbildnis)
Ergebnis: € 549.000 / 29.05.2017

WALDE, Alfons  1891 – 1958
Aufstieg der Skifahrer

WALDE, Alfons 1891 – 1958
Aufstieg der Skifahrer
Öl auf Karton, 48,6 x 77,3 cm
Ergebnis: € 512.400 / 27.05.2003